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Pre and Postnatal

Find the pleasure of running, jumping and dancing with your kids again!

Do you recognize yourself?

Are your underwear wet when you jump, sneeze or run? Are you having a hard time losing your tummy months, even years after giving birth? Do you have back pain, pelvic pain or pain during sex? Is your core weak? If you answered yes to any of these, you might want to consider holistically retraining your core, mind and body.

Our private and small group sessions could help you! Our exercises are functional, safe and adapted to the pregnant or post-pregnancy body. It’s my specialty!


The exercises are simple and effective and based on the most recent scientific studies. After 9 months of transformation hosting that little baby, your body needs to gently learn how to move, strengthen and release. We will focus on re-educating your deepest core in order to enjoy your favourite activities again…especially having fun with your kids!


In a one on one session you have the advantage of having all of my undivided attention! We will do a postural assessment of your body, evaluate how it moves and teach you how to properly breathe, engage and release the necessary muscles so that you can be strong and functional.

smiling mom sitting on ball with baby in arms

In my small group classes, I can pay attention to each mom and baby! Plus you’ll get to meet other moms going through similar experiences. My classes are very down to earth and babies can either participate, sleep, eat, cry, roll, scream etc. I follow the rhythm of the class and I adapt.


A lot of the exercises can easily be done at home in order to make the best of the work learned.


My classes are a combination of pilates, Hypopressives, Core Confidence training (Bellies™ Inc) and Katy Bowman inspired work in order to have a complete retraining. We will strengthen and release the key muscles that were abused during pregnancy and birth: pelvic floor, transversus abdominus, glutes (aka: buttocks!), back, shoulders and diaphragm. We’ll also ”have a ball” releasing tight spots with various sized and textured balls!

2 moms sitting on mat with babies
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With Inspire, you can either workout in person or with our videos - pre and postnatal - or why not do both! We're there every step of the way!

Brigitte Robitaille enceinte assise en indien au sol effectuant des exercices de respiration

Prenatal Exercises

Brigitte Robitaille effectuant des exercices sur un matelas de yoga

Postnatal exercises

Brigitte Robitaille enceinte assise en indien au sol effectuant des exercices de respiration


Pre and postnatal pilates

Small group classes or in private in the Plateau, Rosemère and Laval!

Small group classes, safe for women with diastasis recti and/or pelvic floor issues.

We work with the elastic band, small and large exercise balls, fitness circles and the Reformer (when available).

Focus on muscles that have been weakened, stretched and abused by pregnancy and birth: transversus abdominus, pelvic floor, glutes (aka buttocks), lower back, neck, shoulders and chest.

Private sessions are also available

Core Confidence program

Exercises based on the Core Confidence program by Bellies Inc, a company dedicated to pre and postnatal exercises and trainings

Very effective for those suffering from pelvic floor and/or diastasis recti.

Private program includes: health questionnaire, detailled static and dynamic postural analysis, exercises to strengthen and release, before and after photos, emails with descriptions and/or photos/videos of exercises

Group program includes: strengthening and releasing exercises, emails with images/videos and descriptions of exercises (*group programs are a combination of all of the methods Inspire is trained in)


Low pressure fitness and strengthening of the core

Created in Europe in the 80s to help postpartum women heal

Can help women with issues such as incontinence, prolapse, pelvic floor dysfunction.

HYPO=reduction of pressure. These exercises will help reduce the pressure in the thoracic, abdominal and pelvic regions.

During the breath apnea, the diaphragm is stretched, the abdominals are strengthened, without adding any pressure. Posture and circulation are improved.

Discover what Hypopressives/Low Pressure Fitness can do for you, contact us!

Prenatal and postnatal massage

Sore back? Shoulder and neck tensions? Stressed? A massage can help you let go, be more calm with your kids and feel more relaxed in your mind and body.

Release tensions in your muscles, fascia and articulations.

Improve circulation and respiration.

Improve concentration and sleep.

Reduce stress.

*BONUS* Don't have anyone to watch your baby, bring him along during the massage!


Since the birth of her first daughter in 2012, Brigitte has been particularly focused on women’s health and well-being, particularly pregnant and postpartum women.

After having a cesarian with her first daughter and then a natural birth with her second, she personally understands the physical and psychological implications in these two situations. Her own pelvic floor issues led her on a personal and professional quest to help herself and also help her clients going through similar experiences.  

In her 14 plus years working in the movement and manual therapy world, she’s come to the conclusion that it’s not a one-size fits all and that to feel good there must be harmony within the body, mind and spirit.

She also understands that it’s not always easy juggling family and professional life, which is why she adopts a simple philosophy: do a few exercises and changes throughout your day (while cooking breastfeeding, watching your kids etc!) in order to feel balanced and healthy! ”

Brigitte Robitaille and her two girls sitting in the sand

I took Brigitte's course when I was three months postpartum, along with doing her postnatal video at home, and found it was just the exercise I needed to help with my postpartum recovery. Brigitte is very precise in her instruction, which I appreciated, and her sunny disposition helped me to stay motivated. Her teaching set the foundation for my healing from birth, as well as being a great introduction to the world of Pilates overall.

Bethany O.

postpartum client

I've been taking Pilates with Brigitte & getting massages, with my now 7th month old baby alongside each time. If you are like me and you can't, or choose not, to leave your baby, but still want some relief for a sore back, or want to get some exercise, I highly recommend connecting with Brigitte Robitaille. She has studio space a few steps from Mont Royal metro and is not only excellent at what she does, but also fully supports you to keep your lil one close by, or even to breastfeed during massage. It's amazing!! No more stress of trying to leave a lil one who isn't ready to be left or trying to align nap with an appointment (which never seems to work for me:))

Alisha A.

postpartum client

Just chiming in here to gush a bit and say that pilates classes with Brigitte have been my favorite thing since moving to Montreal this summer. She is a joy and real professional in both group sessions and one-on-one, and I look forward to her classes each week. The moves you'll learn are simple and effective and I've been able to meet other moms, babies.

Chrissy F

postpartum client

Feel the difference in your mind and body with Inspire Mouvement


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