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Pilates, yoga, Brain-Gym and massage for children. Breathing and moving feels good for kids too!


Children can suffer from anxiety and physical pains just like adults

More and more schools are cutting physical education classes and children don’t learn the importance of moving and shaking off their stored up energy in a healthy way.


Children are more and more medicated, suffer from anxiety and stress and are more frequently in front of screens and video games .


As a result children can have insufficient physical movement throughout their days. Studies have shown that we need to move in order to stay healthy. Children are no exception.


Perhaps your own children are hyperactive, anxious or lack coordination?

toddler with ball and flex band

Providing them with alternative tools that can help them focus, handle stress better and connect to their bodies is important. A healthy lifestyle begins in our childhood.


Brain-Gym, yoga and pilates exercises can contribute to your child’s well-being by helping them focus more, improve their coordination, improve their mood and strengthen their bodies and minds. All the exercises are gentle and done in a fun and down-to-earth environment.


Breathing is the core of these exercises, and through this deep breathing children can greatly improve their levels of anxiety and teach themselves how to calm down during stressful and demanding moments.

toddler on exercise ball
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Oxygenate your muscles and your brain! Improve your child's concentration, posture, coordination, balance, breathing, flexibility and strength





Pilates for children

Privates and duos available in Montréal or Rosemère. Group classes available in Rosemère!

Safe and effective classes for children in order to improve their coordination, their posture, their flexibility, their balance and their strength.

We will work with small equipment such as balls of different sizes, stability cushions, elastic bands, springs, blocs and other engaging equipment.

In a private session we cater to your child's specific needs.

In duos or group classes, we work all aspects but in a more general way. In both situations, your child will feel more connected to their breath and their body.

Brain Gym

Privates and duos available in Montréal or Rosemère. Group classes available in Rosemère!

Brain-Gym is fun, quick and energizing for kids! The movements were created to help us think, reflect and move more. The man who created the method (Paul Dennison), had learning difficulties as a child and worked in many learning centers with children and adults.

School can sometimes be a great source of stress. For some, learning and concentration can be more difficult. These difficulties are created when the information can't freely move through the nervous system and the functional centers of the brain.

Brain-Gym stimulates circulation, frees our innate ability to learn and gives us permission to function at our full potential. When we can handle stress more easily, we feel more confident and interpersonal communications, creativity and school outcome are improved.

Learning through movement can improve learning at school, at home and with various daily tasks (ex: reading, math, writing, sports, concentration, memory, organisation, communication...).

By moving the body in all directions, children learn the way their bodies function and move. Through movement they learn to get to know themselves, to feel good in their body and their mind.

At first there is a learning curb but with a bit of guidance and practice they'll soon be able to do it on their own at home. All group and private sessions are a combination of pilates, yoga and Brain-Gym

Discover what Brain Gym can do for your child, contact us!

Massage for children

Inspire offers massage therapy for children and adolescents in Montreal and Rosemère.

...Even children can have physical pains and discomforts!

Staying seated for a long time, carrying a heavy backpack, playing video games, playing sports - all this can create tensions and discomforts.

A relaxing massage can help ease those tensions and reduce a child's stress and anxiety levels.

In general, for children between the ages of 6 and 12, the massage lasts about 30 minutes.

For adolescents it can go up to one hour but it's a case by case situation.


Brigitte is a mother of two girls born in 2012 and 2014. She’s been working in the movement industry for over 14 years. When she’s not seeing client or training the next pilates instructors, she enjoys spending time with her two daughters and husband, preferably moving in nature.

She holds a bachelors degree in Psychology, specializing in children’s psychology. She also worked with children in Taiwan teaching English and in 2006 she studied kids yoga, which she incorporates during her pilates sessions.

Since the birth of her girls (and especially since her eldest started kindergarten), she has been passionate about getting kids moving. She goes into her daughter’s class to give them pilates and Brain-Gym sessions in order to stimulate their bodies and minds through movement.

profile picture of Brigitte Robitaille from Inspire Mouvement

Feel the difference in your mind and body with Inspire Mouvement.


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