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Find your strength inside out! Find a calmer you. Take a moment just for you to make YOU feel good!

What's your concern?

Do you find that you're less supple, less stable, less strong these days? Do you have lots of tensions and pain? Are you anxious and stressed?

You’re not alone. So many suffer from lower back, shoulder, knee, and other bodily pains alongside high levels of stress and anxiety.


We live in a fast and stressful world, it’s easy to get caught up in the “go go go I don’t have time” mode. When we enter that state, we have a tendency of neglecting ourselves for a long time.


Sometimes our body sends us messages but we don’t listen. Eventually, our body needs to ”scream” so that we’ll have no choice but to listen to it.


Taking a pause to tend to our mind and body can be a good solution to your aches and concerns. With Inspire you can do mindful intelligent exercises or get a massage, you have the choice! We consider the mind, body and soul in order to create harmony from within. The exercices that you’ll learn work gently but deeply.

Brigitte Robitaille doing exercise by the lake

We work on breathing, posture, mobilization, flexibility, strength, balance, coordination, concentration, proprioception and circulation, all done with quality, precision and fun!


After a class, which usually combines pilates, Brain-Gym, Hypopressives and a few relaxation/massage techniques, we feel connected from head to toe! We have the impression that all of our senses have been stimulated! We feel stronger, taller, more supple and more focused!

Brigitte Robitaille doing exercise by the lake
Logo de Inspire Mouvement


We work gently yet deeply while awakening all of your senses. Breathing, growing and letting go.


Inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale, ahhhhh......


Hours of fun with the balls, the rollers, the cups and massage to help ease your tensions


Strengthen your deep and superficial muscles. Build a strong and stable body.


Build a connection between your body and mind in order to be more present, calm and aware


Classes on the mat and with equipment (Reformer, Chair, Barrels, Cadillac) are available in private, duos or trios (Circuit style) in Montreal and Rosemere.

What is pilates exactly?

Pilates is a gentle low impact method that focuses on improving posture and breathing while creating a strong, stable and supple body. The original method, created by Joseph Pilates, was created around the first world war and focused on breathing, alignment and quality of movement. At Inspire, we teach the STOTT PILATES™ method, which is a contemporary approach based on science and the biomechanics of the body.

We use conscious breathing in order to engage our deep and superficial muscles, improve focus and develop our body awareness. Conscious breathing is the foundation of all the exercises in order to accomplish each exercise with control, precision and fluidity.

Pilates strengthens the body from the inside out while focusing on the integrity and quality of the movement, not the quantity.

Pilates can easily be practiced in conjunction with your other favourite activities and sports

When we finish a pilates session, be it on the mat only or using the machines, we feel taller, stronger, more supple and more balanced.

Benefits of pilates:

Improves posture

Strengthens the abdominals and the back

Improves stability and mobility

Improves concentration and breathing

Improves body awareness

Helps prevent injuries

Complements and improves athletic performance

Brain Gym

Stimulate your senses through movement, just as nature intended.

Brain-Gym is the work developped over the last 30 years by Paul Dennison, neuroscience teacher, and his wife, Gail, artist, somatic movement trainer, Montessori teacher and trained in improving vision naturally.

Many Brain-Gym exercises were created by Paul through his knowledge on the relationship between movement, perception and their roles in fine-motor skills and scholarly competence. Others have been learned through his experience as a marathoner, his work with behavioural optometrists and his study of acupressure (Jin Shin Jitsu).

Gail brought her own experience in dance, natural eye vision improvement, digitopressure and Touch for Health.

Initially Brain-Gym was created to help children with learning difficulties. Now it's practiced by all to develop our senses through movement.

Through their numerous studies in the field of education, psychology and neuromuscular functioning, they created a method that explores the application of movement in learning, which helps improve educational and relational skills.

Through play and creativity, Brain-Gym can help reduce stress while improving performance.

When we can better handle stress, we feel more confident and our communication skills, creativity, school and professional performances are improved.

Education through movement can help learning at school, at home and in many daily tasks (ex: reading, writing, math, sports, concentration, memory, organisation, communication,...).

By moving our bodies in all directions, we discover all the ways our bodies can move. Through movement we get to know ourselves so we can feel good in our bodies and minds.

Discover what Brain Gym can do for you, contact us!

Hypopressives / Low Pressure Fitness

Grow, grow, breathe! Discover Hypopressives™!

The Hypopressives™ method was created in Europe by a doctor in the 80s, with an intention to help postpartum women heal and prevent problems linked to pregnancy and birthing such as incontinence and prolapse.

The goal was to strengthen the core without compromising the health of the pelvic floor and the abdominals.

Today, Hypopressives™ is used by anyone: teenagers, adults, athletes, women and men.

``HYPO``pressive means a reduction in pressure. This form of exercise reduces the intra-abdominal pressure, instead of increasing it like typical abdominal exercises (ex: sit-ups/crunches).

The most important part to remember is not the pressure - because our bodies endure pressure constantly (just sitting up from a chair, walking, coughing or picking up a basket of laundry or baby adds pressure to the body) - but it's how we manage that pressure that's important.

When we do exercises that reduce intra-abdominal pressure such as Hypopressives™, we reeducate our core so it's more functional and better able to manage the pressures our bodies endure daily.

Benefits of Hypopressives™:

Unique program that can improve global health in little time (about 20 min)

Improves alignment/posture through all the poses which add a tensile force and stretch the fascia and muscles.

Breath apnea (or false inhalation) creates a vaccum effect which reduces the pressures in the pelvic, abdominal and thoracic cavities. This apnea/false inhalation creates a functional engagement of the abdominal and pelvic cavities, thus reducing the pressure in those areas. This reflex co-contracts the 4 core muscles (diaphragm, transversus abdominus, pelvic floor and multifidus) so they work together and contribute to the proper functioning of the body.

Increases the blood flow and improves breathing.

Since the Hypopressives™ technique is very precise, only privates are available

Discover what Hypopressives/Low Pressure Fitness can do for you, contact us!

Massage Therapy

Touch is a powerful tool that can help ease superficial and chronic pains.  Stress that builds up can negatively impact our mood, our sleep, our attention level and our quality of life. Take a moment to stop, breathe, and get in touch with the “vehicle” that takes you around all day long.

Brigitte first studied swedish massage but her approach now combines many of the methods she's studied, with a particular focus on fasciatherapy/deep tissue (done without oil, it's a technique that unglues the fascia and other tissues in the body), osteo-massage/visceral therapy (technique that gently mobilizes the bones, articulations, soft tissues and the abdominal viscera/organs), as well as TNC* (Technique Neuro-Cutanée/Neuro-Cutaneous Technique)

*TNC is a global approach that deals with muscular-skelettal problems that have a biomechanical origin. It can be done on all parts of the body via a specific hand movement. It is gentle, without force and can be compared to a general reflexology of the entire body.

TNC has been successful with problems such as sciatica, lumbar issues, carpal tunnel, neuralgia, tendonitis, muscle spasms, or any blockages in the joints.

In order to breathe and move freely, each articulation and tissue must move correctly. Many traumas in our lives can affect this fluid movement - accident, a sudden gust of cold, incorrect posture, etc.

Behind every muscular, skeletal or fascial blockage there is a spasm that we need to correct. Otherwise it can stay a month, a year, a lifetime. When spasms are left on their own they can accumulate and generate chronic tensions.

''TNC'' can be done in a variety of positions - standing, sitting, lying down, fully clothes. It can be a quick fix in an emergency situation. I often add TNC at the end of an exercise session

Benefits of massage therapy:

Releases muscular, joint and fascial tensions

Improves circulation and breathing

Improves concentration and sleep

Reduces stress level

Improves suppleness and tissue elasticity

Take a break and do something that makes you feel good! Make an appointment right now!

Brigitte Robitaille, just keep moving!

Inspire adapts to your needs by choosing the most appropriate exercises for you.  Whether it be pilates, Hypopressives™, Brain-Gym, massage or a combination of all of these, all roads lead to a more balanced YOU, a more connected mind and body.

Brigitte Robitaille doing the mermaid by the lake

Through Brigitte's wonderful massages I have been learning about my muscles, my bone structure, how I hold myself from head to foot. Brigitte has sensitive and knowledgeable hands and fingers--she can find a knot of tension wherever it's lurking. She also listens carefully to what her clients say about how they are feeling and uses that information to determine the direction of the massage. Brigitte's massages are an in-depth experience.

Debbie H.


It is my absolute pleasure to recommend Brigitte as a pilates instructor and massage therapist. I have worked with Brigitte for more than 10 years and the time spent together is always rewarding. I am always impressed with her professional attitude and how she is always looking for ways to increase her knowledge and expertise in her chosen field. She is always attentive and adaptive to what I may want or need to get out of a session and I always look forward to them. But beyond her strengths as an instructor and coach, Brigitte has a wonderful sense of humour and is just plain fun to be with - the time always slips away too fast!

Eve H.

Pilates and massage client

I have been a private client of Brigitte Robitaille for the past ten years, at first for Pilates training, but more recently, also including massage therapy. Brigitte is a true professional. She is totally reliable, and comes to each session very well prepared. She is constantly sourcing new information and techniques. Sessions always vary to some extent in their content, often including new material, so the class is always “ fresh”. Being a very active senior, often some part of my body needs special attention. Brigitte is very attune to those situations, and the program that day reflects those needs. Brigitte is bright, upbeat, has a high energy level, and is very engaging. She also has a very good sense of humour. Needless to say, I always look forward to my sessions. Time passes very quickly, and I’m always fulfilled. Brigitte’s Pilates training, and massage therapy have become an important part of my lifestyle. I believe what Brigitte has to offer would be a valuable addition to anyone’s well-being program.

Rubin G

Pilates and massage client

Feel the difference in your mind and body with Inspire Mouvement


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